• Sungrak Mission Center
You will be a blessing!
All peoples of the earth will be blessed through you!
Sungrak Mission Vision
  • Sungrak Church is the mother church to the Berea Movement. Berea Movement and Sungrak Church cannot be separated. Berea Movement started at Sungrak Church, and Sungrak Church is the center of the Berea Movement. Those who conduct Berea’s mission throughout the world need to agree with this and unite under the mother church to maintain the Berea Movement. In this way, Berea Movement, with true maternal love, will become a movement through which all peoples will be blessed.
Sungrak Mission Goal
  • The mission of Sungrak Church is divided into Berea Missions 1.0 and 2.0 based on the “World Berean Convention” held in 2013. “Berea Mission 1.0” centered on Semuon’s overseas Berea Seminars, and each department of the church and individuals conducted separate missions based on their own plan and strategy. However, with “Berea Mission 2.0”, the church focuses on becoming one unit led by the overseer, to strategically and systematically conduct its mission. For this, “Semuon Translation Mission Center” and the “Berea International Institute” were merged on December 20, 2015 to form “Sungrak Mission Center” on January 15, 2016. The chief officer of the center performs duties under the guidance of the overseer, the president of the center.
Services of Sungrak Mission Center
  • 1) Services for international countries
  • Sungrak mission saves souls with God’s word of life and sincere service to raise them up as holy servants.
  • Translation of books and various materials (S-One)
    Providing sermons and various materials online
    Providing books and various materials offline
    Overseas seminars
    Overseas dignitary
    Overseas dignitary
    Overseas dignitary protocol and in-country training
    Operation of website in foreign languages
    Conducting worship service in foreign languages
    Local consultation and guidance for ministry
    Overseas support and collaboration with Sungrak Berea Academy
    Production of video content relating to missionary work
  • 2) Services for Korean overseas saints and missionaries
  • Sungrak mission does not support a particular individual or church to aid them in accomplishing their own vision, rather advises them with the direction and strategy of Berea International Mission. To achieve this, Sungrak mission promotes the development of Berea Movement by gathering and coordinating the missionary work of Bereans throughout the world.
  • "S-eum" project (connecting with overseas Sungrak members)
    Communication and education for overseas missionaries
    Cooperation with overseas missionaries’ ministry
    Guest house operation
    Mailing publications/materials
  • 3) Services for Sungrak Members
  • The main operating body of Sungrak mission is Sungrak Church. In order to be more fruitful, people who conduct the mission need to follow the church’s vision under the guidance of the overseer, moving away from their own personal vision.
  • Training for missionary philosophy and providing mission strategies
    Planning and for overseas vision trip
    Promoting mission
    Fundraising for missionary work
    Training interpreters and translators
Please visit our website
  • English http://www.sungrakberea.org/
    Spanish http://www.bereaspanish.org/
    French http://www.bereafrench.org/
    Russian http://www.berearussia.org/
    Japanese http://www.bereajapan.org/
    Turkish http://www.bereaturkey.org/
    Chinese http://www.biliyachina.com/
Lord’s Day meeting for international members
  • English 1:30 pm, Young Berean House 2 fl.
    Kids English 1:30 pm, CWMC 9 fl. #901
    Chinese 1:30 pm, CWMC 10 fl. #1004
    Russian 1:30 pm, CWMC 8 fl. #805
    Japanese 2:00 pm, CWMC 9 fl. #911
    French 1:30 pm, CWMC 8 fl. #802
    Nepalese 1:30 pm, CWMC 3 fl. #301
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  • Address : Sungrak Mission Center/Dorim-ro 311, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea
    Telephone : 0082-70-7300-6795
    Fax : 0082-2-2637-4095
    Email : lightnations@nate.com